Mark DeVito


In Mark’s 20+ years of leading brand-centric campaigns and creative content strategies, his reputation as a sharp-meets-savvy force is stronger than ever. As President of Bates Creative, Mark brings his unique expertise, strategic thinking and creative cohesion to our client’s challenges by guiding our team to translate relevant data into memorable experiences.

What separates Mark from other industry leaders is his ability to listen—listen to a client’s goals, a brand’s differentiating purpose and what the market demands. With this, he has created successful experiences for brands, including: Intel, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, The National Geographic Channel, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Raytheon.

From San Francisco to Washington, D.C. to Europe, Mark has built a network of colleagues and clients who entrust in him to articulate a brand’s story through narrative and visuals. While Mark may be Bates Creative’s newest addition to the leadership lineup, he’s no stranger to the agency. After years of collaboration, Mark now plays an instrumental role as President by engaging with clients and nurturing a team of diverse talents.

Prior to joining Bates Creative, Mark has launched a branding agency in Washington, D.C., The Gigawatt Group, and WPP global advertising firm, Proof Integrated Communications, based in NYC/DC. He is also a three-time Emmy-award winning creative director for programming featured on A&E, PBS, and ZDTV. Mark’s enthusiasm for the industry has reached classrooms at American University and speaking engagements across the country. Additionally, Mark currently sits on the Board of Directors for the American Marketing Association, D.C. Chapter.