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From slabs of stone to papyrus scrolls to satin-finished paper, the art of the print medium has certainly changed over the years. But that’s what’s so powerful about print—evolution and new opportunities go hand-in-hand. We seize those opportunities by transforming your content into a beautiful, visual and tactile artifact.

The print medium allows audiences to interact with your content at their own pace. Let’s transform your brand into an industry page-turner.


Content strategy road maps should always strive for an engaging journey, not a finite destination. We come in as your co-pilot to fuel your new print strategy with substance, context and design that excites for the long haul.


Content and design are a dynamic duo that supports, delights and empowers one another. And just like any reliable partner, we don’t leave anyone behind. So when your content is in a league of its own but the visuals are lagging, we rejuvenate your design for a harmonious experience.


We want your content to be the trusted source your audience turns to. To keep them coming back for more, we consistently package your expertise from cover-to-cover with a multimedia mindset that drills depth into your design. Some may say we’re over achievers, but what it all boils down is our commitment to your rising success.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“When we first decided to outsource our graphic design work, I was worried about working long distance and some communication being lost in the process. Luckily for us, Bates is so used to this process and has guided us through it with no bumps in the road. We feel grateful to be partnered with a design firm with outstanding customer service and great design work. Our process is now much more streamlined, making everyone’s monthly workflow smoother and less stressful.”

Jordan Grantham, Communications Manager

“Our Bates team got to know our organization and our audience. Every design element they introduce really adds to our storytelling.”

Tabitha Whisemore, Editor
American Association of Community Colleges

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