Welcome to our creative space.

Artistic Intelligence isn’t anything new here at Bates Creative. It’s how we’ve always seen the world. But it became more and more apparent as we’ve continued to grow that Artistic Intelligence isn’t simply our natural instinct—it’s a mentality to be reckoned with.

Where can we find intelligence? Sometimes it comes from within as an idea that has been festering and just waiting to be born. Sometimes it comes from research to generate smart, authentic analogies. It’s like being a sleuth or a detective. It’s how we tap into the secret behind a client’s success, their core identity, and draw it out through artistic expression.

A few months ago, as my team and I were brainstorming around the conference table for an event, someone finally said it, and it just clicked. Artistic Intelligence. We found a name for what we do. It totally shifted the focus for how we position our agency, bringing a new, fierce and creative perspective to the District.

Every single day I witness my team deliver top-notch work, sometimes even with tight turnarounds, without sacrificing the integrity of design. Sure, our official office hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm, but visual and visceral creative talent never sleeps.

We live out Artistic Intelligence by making it the centerpiece of our creative experience. It fuses together two mentalities for a single, holistic mindset—a keen eye for impactful design backed by strategic insight. But most importantly, we want to share it with you, and the public, as a mission for designing with dimension that speaks with authenticity and locks in brand loyalty.

It’s how we do it for ExxonMobil. It’s how we do it for Atlas Brew Works. And it’s how we’ll create change for you. As we turn 14 years old this June, we’re giving the stigma of “rebellious teenage years” a new meaning by shaping our agency with a competitive edge.

Artistic Intelligence spurred the redesign of this website (welcome, by the way) and everything else fell into place. Trust us, we aren’t planning on being quiet about it either. You’ll see it in our redesigned newsletter (coming soon—subscribe now to see it first), across our social media profiles and events around the country. What it all boils down to is that Artistic Intelligence is a mission we are incredibly proud of.

So it’s not about if, but when—when will you be ready to experience the transformation of two ideas becoming one mentality? Say the word, and we’ll get started.

–Debbie Bates-Schrott